Kelly Poston
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kelly Allyn Poston who was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 16, 1983 and passed away on May 29, 2004 at the age of 20. Kelly will be in our hearts forever.

Kelly was a very beautiful, loving, happy child. Always smiling, always laughing. As you will see in these pictures – her smile could light up the room!  She was so funny & loved to laugh. This is how Kelly was up until the end – Memorial Day Weekend- 2004 when my precious daughter made a decision that none of us will ever understand - to end her life.  
Kelly will never be forgotten. WE LOVE YOU!
Tributes and Condolences
Love you   / Danny V.
Still not a day goes bye i dont think of you.miss you so much.
Birthday love   / Lauren Durkin (friend)
Happy birthday sweet Kelly! I love and miss you like crazy
Gone but not forgotten   / Derek Byrne (Friend)
Wish you were still here to share a laugh with. Been hanging out with Danny every once and while. He is doing well. Hope you and my mom are looking down at us with pride.
missing you   / Danny V. (my everything )
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.Things have gotten a little easier and in finally able to date but you are still always on my mind and In my heart.Nothing and nobody can make me feel like I did when I was with you.You were my best friend ...  Continue >>
Beautiful Person   / Lauren
It has been awhile since i've stopped by here; however, i think about you everyday. your warm smile and big heart will forever be remembered by me.... and so many others. you always amazed me by your optimistic outlook, despite any troubles you ...  Continue >>
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uh / Vicky Aguas (bestie)    Read >>
missing u  / Lauren     Read >>
So Sorry  / Chris (None)    Read >>
My Dreams  / Mom     Read >>
:) / Cristen Rensel (Best Friend )    Read >>
:) / Victoria Aguas (best friend )    Read >>
is there internet in heaven?  / Vicky Aguas (my best friend )    Read >>
Bridesmaid!! / Kelly Poston (Friend)    Read >>
July 16, 1983  / Mom     Read >>
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"Like Kelly" 2004
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